Being an artist and musician, many of my paintings and drawings are of people who have had a significant place in music history. Other pieces are of people who have made the world a better place in other ways. I use texture, negative space, color, and composition to depict the energy and metaphysical power created by these inspirational figures. I studied fine art at St. Francis College in Ft. Wayne, IN. and at the University of Oregon before obtaining degrees in Latin American Studies and Jazz Studies from Portland State University and an M.A. in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. My education gave me a global perspective on how art is a vehicle for positive social change and has had a profound influence on my creative process. I have had showings at festivals and galleries in Chicago and throughout the Pacific Northwest and midwest.

After nearly ten years in Chicago, my wife and I recently moved to Kalamazoo, MI. We love it here and I continue to teach, work, and play throughout the Great Lakes Region.